Palsgaard Names L.V. Lomas as U.S. Distributor

June 23, 2015

L.V. Lomas Inc. is pleased to announce that they have been chosen by Palsgaard to exclusively distribute and sell their speciality food emulsifiers in the United States, targeting bakery, chocolate, confections, spreads and margarines with the Palsgaard line of speciality emulsifiers.

“This is a great and exciting opportunity for both L.V. Lomas and Palsgaard to serve U.S. specialty food manufacturers and grow together.” Says Sally Crawford, U.S. Marketing Director at L.V. Lomas. “Palsgaard has a long history of innovation in emulsifiers,” she said, “and we look forward to working closely in order to grow the business with our technical sales approach in distribution.”

About Palsgaard Incorporated

Palsgaard developed the world's first commercial emulsifier a century ago-and they haven't stopped inventing since. Using their R&D labs and application centers around the world, they not only invent new emulsifiers or emulsifier/stabilizer solutions, they also help food manufacturers make the most of them in their products within: Bakery, Confectionery, Ice cream, Margarine, Mayonnaise & Dressings. Visit www.palsgaard.com to learn more about how they can help you in your product development.

About L.V. Lomas

L.V. Lomas is driven by the expertise of more than 300 qualified professionals in locations across Canada and the US. Lomas is one of North America’s leading distributors of ingredients, raw materials and packaging products. Since our founding in 1960 by Lloyd V. Lomas, L.V. Lomas has remained privately-held and proudly independent.

For more information, contact:

Sally Crawford
L.V. Lomas Inc.
P: 800 668 1221


Employee Announcement - February 9, 2015

Mike Staley
L.V. Lomas is pleased to announce the addition of Mike Staley to the position of Vice President, Oil & Gas.

Mike will lead our efforts at L.V. Lomas in significantly building our business in oil and gas. This market remains a very large market for chemicals in Canada and we continue to see tremendous upside sales opportunities to grow with many of our current, as well as new, principals. For the last 6 years Mike was the past president of Brenntag Canada. His direct experience in the oil and gas market, as well as his knowledge and experience with Brenntag in both Canada and the U.S., will be invaluable in positioning us for continued growth.

Curtis Gyte
L.V. Lomas is pleased to announce the addition of Curtis Gyte to the position of Business Manager, Oil and Gas.

Curtis has worked his entire career in the oil and gas market for Brenntag Canada and has 25 years' experience in both sales and technical capacities. His last role at Brenntag Canada was Alberta District Manager in which he held this position for six years. Curtis will join Grant Kehoe in forming a very strong and capable sales and marketing team focused on building our business in the oil and gas market.


Employee Announcement - January 5, 2015

Doreen Kilfoil
L.V. Lomas is pleased to announce that Doreen Kilfoil will be joining the company in the position of Manager, Product Quality, Safety and Regulatory Compliance. Doreen holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering diploma from the Technical University of Nova Scotia. She also holds a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics), diploma in Engineering from Dalhousie University. Doreen is coming to Lomas with 17 years' of related experience in the areas of quality assurance, quality control, regulatory compliance, product development, plant management, and environmental, health and safety primarily for Sensient Flavors.

In her new role she will be responsible for overseeing the daily operation of the Quality, Regulatory Affairs and Safety team who are involved with the monitoring, controlling and improvement of systems and programs. Doreen will also be providing assistance to marketing, sales and warehouse staff in product regulatory matters, and managing corporate risk regarding environmental, health and safety and regulatory.

Lomas is excited to have Doreen join Lomas and wishes her success in her new role.