CHP Membership Announcement

October 21, 2013

We are excited to announce that we are now a proud member of Consumer Health Products Canada.

Employee Announcement

July, 2013

Caro-Lyne Desroches
We are pleased to announce that Caro-Lyne Desroches will be joining L.V. Lomas in the position of Technical Marketing Coordinator. Her line assignment will be a combination of Food, HPC and Industrial. Caro-Lyne is a recent graduate from the University of Ottawa. She completed her Honours BSc with Specialization in Biology then went on and completed her Masters of Science Biology.

Tracy Moffat
We are pleased to announce that Tracy Moffat will be joining the IT group in the position of Business Analyst. Tracy will be responsible for managing technical development projects. Tracy holds a BSc from the University of Guelph. She went on to The Institute of Computer Studies and received a diploma in Computer Programming and Internet Applications. Tracy has eight plus years experience, working as a Business Analyst, six of which was spent in supply chain and two in logistics.

Marlyne Felix
We are pleased to announce that Marlyne Felix has been promoted into the position of Technical Application Specialist. Marlyne has been working within our Technical Marketing group for the past nine years. In this newly created role, Marlyne will be responsible for providing technical application support to the Food and HPC business units. She will also, for a temporary period, perform quality testing on inbound shipments, value added blends, shelf life and other general quality testing.

Sam Babber
We are very pleased to announce that Sam Babber has accepted a promotion into the position of Merchandiser within our Food Business Unit - Oils. Sam has been performing a dual role of Technical Marketing Coordinator/Oils Merchandiser since joining Lomas. She will now focus 100% of her energy in supporting the oils business. The primary objective of the Merchandiser is to negotiate and purchase vegetable oil and related products from our suppliers and to provide selling prices for our customers.

Janet Rusel
We are pleased to announce that Janet Rusel will be joining the Delta group in the position of Warehouse Administrator. Janet will help to ensure that orders processed are shipped, accurately and in a timely manner. She will also provide administrative support for the warehouse and act as liaison with other departments requiring warehouse information.

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