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Specialty Chemicals

The L.V. Lomas Limited Specialty strategic business unit includes a variety of market segments which are quite diverse in nature and unique in needs. Our technical sales team has both experience and industry knowledge to help you successfully meets any formulation challenge. Our comprehensive product range covers an extensive array of products that will offer solutions for each specialty market segment.


To the lubricant and metalworking fluid market we offer a growing line of products including corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidants and EP/AW additives. We also market a complete line of vegetable and petroleum base stocks (including transformer oils), environmentally friendly fluids, lubricity agents, friction modifiers, surfactants, biocides, foam control additives, synthetic fluids, rheology modifiers, emulsifiers, coupling agents, dyes, fillers and other specialty lubricant additives.


The construction market segment is quite diverse, but our broad product range products offer solutions in asphalt paving mixtures, concrete and admixtures plus the growing structural insulated panels market. Speak to our knowledgeable sale team and explore solutions which will meet your specific formulation needs.

Sell Sheets

Specialty LubricantsSpecialty Lubricants
Lubricants & Metalworking Fluids

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Environmentally Friendly Lubricant FormularyEnvironmentally Friendly Lubricant Formulary
Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Formulary for all your challenges

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