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Food Ingredients

Our Food Business Unit team comprises of 10 professional sales representatives located geographically across Canada and the Pacific Northwest of the USA. This group is supported by a team of industry focused managers including Marketing Management, Business Development and our Technical Manager. We are extremely pleased to have opened our Technical Centre in 2013, which allows us in-house product development, industry training and technical support to the food industry. Our unparalleled product range and world-class Principal partners provide us a complete package of ingredients to help develop new and novel food formulations. Our sales team is structured into the following industry focused categories to help specialize their talents and provide focus and attention to our complete customer base.


A complete range of commodity and specialty ingredients for use in the manufacturing of any products in the bakery sector. In addition, we manufacture a range of release agents and anti-oxidant blends.


Our product range allows us to problem solve and make product recommendations across the complete dairy sector. From ice cream, to shredded cheese, and from yoghurt to chocolate milk; our stabilizers, sweeteners, fibres, proteins and other functional ingredients provide a variety of options for formulation.

Prepared Foods

The formulation of prepared foods with long term stability, good taste and appropriate texture is always a challenge. This area is quickly growing with the continued formulation of ready-to-eat meals to support our fast-paced family lifestyles. Our large array of ingredients, combined with the technical support of our Principals and our local Technical Centre will allow us to aid in the formulation of your new products.

FBC (Fruit Prep, Beverage & Confectionary)

Sweeteners, thickeners, acidifiers, confectionery release agents, oils, emulsifiers or humectants. Your product requirements in this sector are completely covered with our extensive product range and ingredient knowledge.

Meat & Spice Blenders

A growing area for our Lomas, we continue to add new ingredients for meat and spice applications. Our current complement of proteins, flow aids, fibres, starches and other key ingredients allows us to aid in new formulations, but also compete competitively on the commodities used in this area.


This area comprises manufacturers of nutritional, health and muscle building finished products. Our complete range of proteins, amino acids, nutraceutical ingredients, stabilizers and fibres makes us a key supplier of ingredients to this market.

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Vegetable Oils

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