About L.V. Lomas

L.V. Lomas is driven by the expertise of more than 200 qualified professionals in four locations across Canada and in the US Pacific Northwest. We are Canada's leading distributor of ingredients, raw materials and packaging products, and one of the largest providers in North America. Since our founding in 1960 by Lloyd V. Lomas, L.V. Lomas Limited has remained privately-held and proudly independent.

An ISO 9001:2008 company.

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L.V. Lomas is committed to be the best professional sales organization and distributor of its products to industry. We will manage our business responsibly and focus primarily on customer satisfaction, service and excellence in everything we do. We will expand and diversify our product, principal and customer base to ensure that L.V. Lomas remains profitable and financially healthy.

We will hire and maintain the most qualified, capable and talented personnel and provide for all employees the best working environment possible, recognizing and rewarding achievement, dedication and excellence.

Committed to quality

Please review our complete list of AIB, ISO and Organic certificates.

Health & Safety
in the Lomas DNA

L.V. Lomas considers that the health and safety of its team members is an essential aspect of all its business processes.

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Our shrinking footprint

In April 2007, Lomas established the all-volunteer Green Team, tasked with reduce our overall environmental footprint.

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